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Welcome to Our Pilot Program

Thanks for your interest in running a Ten5 pilot.

We're confident we can improve how you communicate with your drivers. Give us 60 days to prove it.

What Does a Pilot Look Like?

You'll get full access to all features, including our industry-first in-cab voice assistant, intelligent dispatch dashboard, and master communications dashboard. This will give you the visibility you need to run your fleet more efficiently and improve connectivity with your drivers. 

Your success in the pilot is very important to us. We'll work with you upfront to set goals and then stay with you through the entire pilot journey to ensure we meet your goals and expectations. 

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Our STAIR Process

Setting Goals & Objectives

We’ll help you work through and document the goals of the project. This includes providing you with sample baseline surveys to measure driver satisfaction with current communications methods.  

Timing of Pilot

We recommend a 60-day pilot. During the first 15 days we'll guide you towards your goals and help deploy the application and back office to your teams. During the following 45 days you'll be using the product with your teams. 

Assessing & Identifying Pilot Members

We’ll help you set the criteria for selecting the testers of the pilot and provisioning them for success and working with your internal champion. 

Instruction & Onboarding

Drivers and dispatchers will get the information they need to use the application successfully, including job aids. 

Results & Feedback

We’ll provide you with the survey tools to gather feedback from users. 

Sign Up Here:
My fleet uses Android devices

A pilot coordinator will be in touch with you soon to schedule a kickoff meeting and begin our STAIR process.

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