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Ten5 Introduces Industry-First Voice Assistant

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, February 26, 2024 – Ten5, Inc., a MidWest tech firm developing

new trucking communications and business intelligence solutions, announces the

commercial availability of its industry-first hands-free voice assistant and communications

service for trucking operations.

The Ten5 voice platform uses proprietary voice technology and AI to make it easier for

drivers to communicate safely with fleet back offices while on the road. Fleet managers can

respond more quickly to driver questions and concerns and also prioritize their responses so

that the most important items are addressed first. Managers can also broadcast messages

to multiple drivers quickly and efficiently or program messages to be released to drivers at

specific times for training and coaching purposes.

“We’ve created a platform which simultaneously addresses some of the trucking industry’s

most pressing issues, including driver retention and truck safety,” according to Ten5 CEO

Drew Ryder. “By giving drivers a safe, low-friction way to communicate, we give them more

control of their time and schedule and a greater opportunity to voice concerns. Driver

surveys have repeatedly concluded that driver turnover has a lot to do with a breakdown in

communication and a lack of respect for the driver’s time.

“We address truck safety in two ways. Firstly by tackling the growing problem of distracted

driving. As more and more text-based apps are added to in-cab screens, the level of

distraction has increased. We are countering that with an application which uses voice

prompts only and does not take the driver’s eyes off the road.

“The second safety benefit of Ten5 is with voice-based safety coaching. Research studies

have shown that unsafe driving behavior decreases over the long term with consistent,

repeated safety messaging. We enable this with our Ivex technology which can be

programmed to issue strategic safety messaging. We can also receive rapid feedback from

drivers on safety matters which makes safety more of a team effort than an edict from


Ryder said the Ten5 platform is valuable to fleets of all sizes and types. “We initially thought

it would only be of interest to large truckload carriers with high driver turnover rates and

high driver-to-dispatcher ratios. But there is also demand from smaller carriers looking to

replace text-based communication systems and improve back office productivity. I think we

are learning that the human voice is still a more effective way to communicate than

text-based messaging, particularly if you can organize the voice communications in the way

we do.”

Ten5 will be demonstrating its voice technology at its booth (#4150) at the annual meeting

of the Technology and Maintenance Council of the ATA in New Orleans on March 4-6.


Ten5 is an Iowa-based trucking communications and business intelligence firm with

industry-leading technology to connect drivers, fleet personnel, and vendors to vital

information. It is the first-to-market with a hands-free voice assistant in the cab of the truck

and an AI-driven query engine which guides decision making and predictions and improves

workforce performance. Its TruckAnswers portal provides fleet managers with rapid access

to current financial and operating performance data for the industry for benchmarking and

decision support. Ten5 also produces the National Trucking Cost Index, an indicator of cost

trends and cost management in the US trucking industry. More information at

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