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Ten5 Introduces TruckAnswers For Fleet Decision Support

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, February 29, 2024 – Ten5, Inc. a leading provider of trucking

communications and business intelligence solutions, is introducing TruckAnswers, a live

benchmarking and information service for trucking companies.

Fleets can use TruckAnswers to access near real-time data on trucking company operating

performance using a simple natural language query engine. Managers can compare their

own fleet’s performance to industry averages and make more informed management


“TruckAnswers is designed to be the most accurate and relevant source of comparison data

for US truck fleets,” according to Ten5 CEO Drew Ryder. “Unlike typical benchmarking

studies which are completed at a point in time and are static until a new one is completed,

TruckAnswers is a live database which is constantly being updated with fleet data and

third-party data feeds.

“We improve relevancy by sorting data by fleet size and type and allowing fleets to

customize their queries so that they are measuring and comparing the factors that are most

important to them in their unique context.”

Ryder said TruckAnswers can be used by fleets needing to test new products and practices

and evaluate their value to the fleet’s bottom line. “By baselining and tracking key variable

costs more efficiently, they will have more confidence in the results and conclusions of the

trials. This would be valuable for equipment testing, safety technology testing, or

experiments with payment of bonuses and incentives. Shorter trials also save money.

“Our goal here is speed and efficiency. Fleets are drowning in data already and more is

coming. They need low-friction ways to access and analyze their data as well as the

confidence that the data is accurate and relevant.”


Ten5 is an Iowa-based trucking communications and business intelligence firm with

industry-leading technology to connect drivers, fleet personnel, and vendors to vital

information. It is the first-to-market with a hands-free voice assistant in the cab of the truck

and an AI-driven query engine which guides decision making and predictions and improves

workforce performance. Its TruckAnswers portal provides fleet managers with rapid access

to current financial and operating performance data for the industry for benchmarking and

decision support. Ten5 also produces the National Trucking Cost Index, an indicator of cost

trends and cost management in the US trucking industry. More information at

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